Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Remember the blog has now become its own site.  Little by little much of this will disappear. All portraits, all team/game updates, all blog entries are now at:


Catch the new RSS feed here.

See you there.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


 Dear Readers,

WWW.YOUAREAHOCKEYFAN.COM has been revamped and is now live.

Technically, it is still in its "testing" stage...but don't let that stop you! Come on by, check it out, test the features, join the Fan Forum, get the RSS, and all that jazz.   The store isn't up yet because we are still waiting on license and incorporation, but it should be sometime soon. 

I'm going to be vulnerable for a moment: the future of this blog, this site, is going to hinge on sponsors, advertisers and backers.  We recently had the equivalent of a quarter of Goliath's annual salary stolen by a trusted contractor and friend who promptly filed bankruptcy and left us with a half finished barn, a half finished house, and a very bruised spirit. If I've come across as a sappy sad mess lately (or alternately, quiet and cold)...that's why. It was a huge loss, a personal betrayal, and it hurt.  Due to the contractor's declaration of bankruptcy and fleeing the state, I (and all of the others he swindled) cannot pursue him legally leaving me no recourse to recoup our losses.  This has meant that funds that would have gone to supporting this blog have been redirected to those unfinished projects.  I have to buy season tickets just like everyone else. I don't know what to do.  I want to say I'll see you at the rink come October 14th, but the truth is...as of today, I just can't do it. Any offer of support, interest in advertising, big or small, private or public would be met with massive tears of appreciation, love and joy from your Penny (as well as other goodies!) 

Thank you so much for the support.  Hockey changed my life.  This team changed my life.  You know how a person can be headed in a bad direction and something or someone comes and takes them by the shoulders and sets them right again? They make movies about those sorts of sappy platonic love affairs with sports and sports teams. That happened to me last winter. It sounds absurd, but if you've ever experienced being saved by something, you know I'm not joking. This team and this sport made the difference and I wouldn't be here without them.

Anyway, no matter what, I will look forward to continuing to be your leading source of churro-flavoured Grizzlies Mania in the future even if it means listening to every game over the internet. You know I will!  It worked for my love affair with the Habs, if I must, it'll work for the Grizz. 



Friday, September 16, 2011

I wasn't kidding, (Part Two)

Several months ago, I made a post about some of the interesting search engine subjects that, for whatever bizarre reason, direct people to this blog.   I have actually hurt myself from laughing at times because it can get pretty fantastic (and even a little creepy...especially, when I've had a few anonymous people leave me messages via them.)

But today?  Today a new topic popped up in my statistics bar that I have never before seen and, quite frankly, I have no idea what to think of.

The magicial butt fairy.  Image search even.  I.....  I...............

I am speechless and laughing, which I suppose translates to silent gasping giggles.

Now I have no memory of ever discussing a magical butt fairy on this blog, nor do I have any particular desire to do so in the future, but this was just priceless and I had to share.   *wipes tear from eye*  Ahhh, the internet.

Australia, my darling Australia, do I even want to know?